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Well hello! We are so excited that you are here! We are Orlando Wedding Photographers + Cinematographers (or also known as Orlando Wedding Videographers) but we prefer cinematographers! Weddings became our passion in 2008 and we've been so honored to be a part of hundreds of weddings throughout the years. We are located in Orlando, FL but we have had the opportunity to photograph or film weddings in Nicaragua, England and all over the US including, Chicago, New York City, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Indiana.

We love what we do and we love the relationships we have developed with our couples over the years! 

Our favorite part of weddings is seeing the connection between the bride and groom! We love seeing those little glances that they make to each other that so many people will never get to see on the day of the wedding.

Throughout the day, we play a very photojournalist role and we just let couples show us why they are in love. Watching a wedding film, hearing the vows, the toasts and watching the couple interact is something a still image can't capture. If an image is worth a thousand words, than a wedding film is your novel brought to life.

We are new age filmmakers who's passion drives their creativity!

I was born and raised in central Florida. In fact, I live just a few streets down from where I grew up. I always knew growing up that I wanted a career where I could make people happy. I got my cosmetology license and did hair/makeup for a few years which I loved. But I found my true passion when I filmed my first wedding with Mike in 2012. Being a part of one of the most important days in a couples life is so amazing! And one of the best feelings is once we deliver a couples photos or film and they come back to us with so much excitement. It truly is such a rewarding job. God has not only blessed me with an awesome career but the most incredible family. When I'm not shooting or editing weddings with the best co-worker ever (my husband), you can bet our family is off making memories together.


Hi, I am Mike! I'm a Christian, husband and father to two amazing little girls! I love camping, woodworking, the outdoors and music. My wife Kristina is my rock through life and I couldn't make it without her. My daughters bring me more joy than I could ever imagine! I went to art school in 2005 and studied digital photography. When I began photographing weddings in 2008, I knew I had come across something truly amazing. When I began to make wedding films, I knew I had found my true passion!


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